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Why Our Company is the Best Choice for Company Formation and Administration?

About Us

Our company has been a solid leader in offering wide-ranging and comprehensive company formation and administrative services since 1996. We are staffed by a team of highly qualified professionals . When it comes to addressing the worldwide corporate, banking and investment needs of our clients, our company offers an environment of privacy and security that is unrivalled in the industry6

When vetting and selecting a company formation agent, many factors should be considered. The following are the most important reasons why our company rises above the competition.

Comprehensive Offering of Products and Services

Wide Choice of Products and Services

Our company offers a selection of products and services that is truly comprehensive. Instead of concentrating on only one jurisdiction or only on a narrow set of company formation structures, our company offers a broad range of choices for clients to choose. Mindful that company formation is but the initial step, we also offer a full range of administrative and compliance services in support of our clients’ offshore entities. This is done with the purpose of being able to accommodate the specific needs of each individual client. It also further ensures the privacy of our clients by allowing them to only have to deal with one organization for company formation and the important ancillary services of administration and compliance.

Our registered agent service avails our clients of the strong local knowledge and affiliations that we have within all of the jurisdictions that we operate in as agents. This level of intimate knowledge and practical experience “on the ground” allows for all documentation and filings to always be handled expeditiously, thus intercepting potential delays before they occur. It also allows our company to have a knowledge base that is dynamically updated and that can take into account any change, large or small, regarding the local legal requirements that could affect company formation or administration. This way, our clients can rest assured that they are always in full compliance with regards to the operation and filings of their offshore entity.

Professional Director and Shareholder Facilities

Other areas of support that we offer include those of professional directors. Depending on the jurisdiction where the client’s company is formed, one of the company’s directors may be required by local law to be a resident of that country. Even in cases where this is not required by statute, the client may simply wish to retain anonymity when it comes to his or her name appearing in any public filings regarding the registry of the company. For either of those situations, the use of a professional director shields the client from having to reveal their name in any public record. Our professional director services ensure full confidentiality and privacy for our client while simultaneously being structured so as to ensure that the client always has full and total control over their company. The use of the professional director service also allows the client’s company to enter into contracts and agreements that require the signature of a director or authorized representative without them ever having to reveal their identity.

Similar to the service of professional director is our nominee shareholder service. For clients that wish to distance themselves completely from the perception of ownership or control of an offshore entity, we can function in the role of nominee shareholder. The client retains full ownership of the company’s shares. However, through a legal instrument known as a “shareholder agreement,” our operation would hold the client’s shares in trust. This protects our client as the beneficial owner of the shares, while at the same time keeping their identity private and free from having to appear in any public registry. Some jurisdictions also offer the option of an offshore company to issue bearer shares. This type of share allows for full ownership of the share to be bestowed upon the person physically holding the certificate. There is never any public record of who the bearer shares were issued to by the company. Likewise, there is no record of any transfer of ownership of the same. These are a few examples of the degree of anonymity that can be achieved through the formation of an offshore company under the guidance of our staff of experts.

Administrative and Tax Consulting Provided by a Team of Experts

Not all of our clients come to us with a clear idea of what they need in terms of offshore company formation. For some, all that they have is a notion that it could be of some usefulness to them. They may not be sufficiently knowledgeable of the nuances involved with offshore entities to make a proper determination of what they need. Our company prides itself in helping these types of clients. By offering administrative and tax consulting as another of our services, our company is able to inform and educate our prospective and existing clients. This allows our clients to make a better determination of what service they really need.

Our team of professionals can further help our clients to identify and establish the primary purpose of their offshore company. These could be for the purpose of tax burden reduction, asset protection, managing investments, retaining and protecting intellectual property holdings, or even for the registration of maritime and aviation vessels. Regardless of the purpose for forming an offshore entity, being informed helps clients to determine what jurisdiction and what formation structure is best for them. In terms of the structure that the company formation takes, our team is able to register offshore corporations, offshore trusts and offshore foundations.

This level of expertise is also applied in helping our clients choose the jurisdiction for their company. The list of countries from which we can form offshore companies for our clients include Belize, Cyprus, and the Seychelles among others. In fact, one of our company’s continuous areas of strategic focus is maintaining a working presence in the jurisdictions that are the most reputable in the world. We only offer offshore company formation in countries that are politically stable, possess a sound legal system, use modern financial services, have a solid reputation for integrity, and whose tax system is welcoming and friendly to foreign investment. This is done to ensure that our clients are well protected.

While the client makes the final determination of how and where the company formation takes place, our clients do so with the full backing of expert consultants who are there to answer any question and offer important professional advice. Our company takes our role as consultants and advisers as seriously as our role as offshore company formation agents.

Professional Relationships with Banking Institutions

Another important service that we offer to our clients is facilitating the opening of bank accounts for their offshore entity. This is an area that our years of expertise and trust within the industry makes possible. For individuals acting on their own, the opening of a bank account related to an offshore company can be a daunting task. When one takes into account different banking regulations set forth by a myriad of regional laws and regulatory bodies, being able to do so while conforming to all that is required is extremely difficult and complex. Fortunately, our experts can handle this task while maintaining our clients’ desire for privacy and anonymity. Our staff eliminates the burden that is normally associated with opening a bank account, ensuring that our clients comply with all regulations and that they have full access to their funds once the account is open. Our established professional relationships with institutions worldwide allow us to offer this service to our clients in an expeditious manner.

Paying attention to the big things does not mean that we neglect the little things. Part and parcel to our larger role is the ability to also offer direct administrative support functions, such as a virtual office and secretarial services. These services are well suited to those clients who need something beyond a simple registered address. Mail forwarding and telephone answering can be efficiently handled by our staff, freeing our clients of many routine back-office tasks. They are a cost-efficient way to maintain a professional facade with whomever our clients need to interact.

Knowledgeable Tax Consulting

The formation of an offshore company has tax considerations as an underlying element in its creation. Throughout the life of the company, tax considerations remain an important factor. Whether the client is using the offshore entity for tax planning purposes or to facilitate international business transactions, our nearly twenty years of experience allows us to provide advice that is timely and reliable.

Our team of expert consultants is fully knowledgeable of current tax law in the jurisdictions that we operate. They are also abreast of international tax treaties and how they can affect the interest of our clients. Our consultants assist the client in determining their tax strategy and then use that to find the most prudent tax jurisdiction. Be it a minimal tax, zero tax or flow-through model, our experts can help.

Likewise, in estate planning our experts can assist in determining what is the best strategy and model to achieve the mitigation of taxes through the formation and use of an offshore trust. These vehicles provide clients with a prudent option for wealth preservation and wealth centralization in life. After death, they add the advantage of being able to have their heirs inherit their wealth in accordance to their wishes without some of the burdens presented by the estate taxes and inheritance laws of their local countries.

Whatever changes occur in the international tax landscape, our expert consultants take the worry out of charting the most advantageous path for our clients. They can rest assured that all opportunities are presented and any unnecessary exposure mitigated.

Worldwide Presence

In order to have greater disposition in the number of jurisdictions that we can cover for company formation, and with an eye to offer thorough customer service and solutions to all of our clients, our company has offices and experts located worldwide. Our offices is located in the United Kingdom, but we cooperate with industry professionals all over the world.

This level of international reach positions us better in terms of offering our clients the best possible range of services. It also allows us to stay at the forefront of any changes or advantages that arise regarding offshore company formation and administration. Likewise, by not limiting ourselves in global scope, our professional consultants are able to discover new advantageous tax mitigation scenarios for our clients as they become available across jurisdictions.

A Thorough Understanding of Our Clients Concern for Privacy

Beyond just the quality and scope of the services that our company provides, it is the understanding of our clients’ needs, and the motivation and purposes behind their needs that allows us to excel in what we do. We are fully aware that privacy and security are paramount to our clients. Mindful of this, we make certain that all of our processes, communication and technology networks used in managing our clients’ affairs meet the strictest of standards in security. Our company applies a dynamic protocol when it comes to ensuring the privacy of our clients. Our information and communication systems, as well as our operating protocols are constantly reviewed and updated to further ensure that the privacy of our clients is always at peak performance.

Trust and Performance

Trust and performance are the core elements of our existence as an offshore company formation agent. Since 1998, we have formed and administered countless thousands of offshore companies for clients around the world. Our ability to offer comprehensive and tailored solutions along with timely and solid advice makes us a leader in our industry. Our longevity and the loyalty of our clients also establish a degree of reputation that future clients can use to engender trust in our services. Ever diligent for the benefit of our clients, our company maintains a constant vigilance for their interests, confidentiality and benefit. Our comprehensive and dynamic approach to offshore company formation and administration allow us to offer our clients the solutions that they need for their wealth management concerns.

As such, we are able to take great pride in being able to work closer with our clients than most other companies in our industry. By virtue of our highly experienced team of experts, we help our clients realize their financial objectives while retaining the maximum level of privacy.

Experience Since 1996

Our company has been a solid leader in offering wide-ranging and comprehensive offshore company formation and administrative services since 1996


We are staffed by a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge in all the aspects in offices located around the world.

Competitive pricing policy

Our completive pricing policy will be a good value to all clients and we will be happy to find the best solution which satisfies your needs.

Administrative and Compliance Services

We offer a full range of administrative and compliance services and are able to accommodate the specific needs of each individual client.

Wide Choice of Jurisdictions

Our team of professionals can help clients to choose the jurisdiction for their company for different purposes – asset protection, managing investments, etc.

Worldwide Presence

Our company has offices and experts located worldwide, we have offices in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Cyprus, and the Seychelles.

Thousands of Companies Registered

For the decades of our existence we have formed and administered countless thousands of offshore companies for clients around the world.

Tailored Solutions

Our ability to offer comprehensive and tailored solutions, along with timely and solid advice, make us a leader in our industry.

Solutions for Wealth Management

Our dynamic approach to company formation and administration allows us to offer our clients the solutions that they need for their wealth management concerns.

Maximum Level of Privacy

By virtue of our highly experienced team of experts, we help our clients to realize their financial objectives while retaining the maximum level of privacy.

Nominee Director and Shareholder Facilities

We can provide individual or corporate nominees to hold shares on behalf of individuals, companies or trusts in order to preserve confidentiality.

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