Ajman Free Zone Company Formation


Ajman Free Zone Company Formation.

KGN Services specializes in Ajman Free Zone Company Formation (FZE and FZC), establishment of branches of local and foreign entities, opening bank accounts and visa processing services.

Emirate: Ajman.

Country: UAE.

Location: Middle East, bordering the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, between Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Time Zone: UTC+4.

Currency: Emirati dirham (AED).

Ajman Free Zone – Overview

Ajman FZ Authority is an entrepreneur’s heaven today enjoying a number of unbeatable advantages and privileges. Officially established in 1988 and was given autonomous status under the Amiri decree no 3 of 1996 issued by Sheikh Humaid Rashid al Nuaimi ruler of Ajman, Ajman FZ Authority has been named as the sole regulatory agency for Free Zone in the Emirate. Ajman Free Zone is strategically situated at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf. Its location is well positioned to serve the eastern and the western markets to set up business. Its proximity to Dubai and Sharjah is an open opportunity for an easy accessibility to the two international airports and four ports. Ajman port serves over 1000 vessels every year and today, it has emerged as an important maritime focal point. Ajman FZ offers global opportunity for foreign investment with the main motive being to provide a platform for investment, trade and industry business establishment. The primary aim of this zone is to provide crucial cost saving benefits for entrepreneurs compared to other free zones within the United Arab Emirates.

Welcomed business activities

All business activities are welcomed by the Ajman Free Zone(AFZ).

AFZ Strategy


To become a leading global center for attracting foreign investment to the Emirate of Ajman and the biggest contributor in achieving prosperity and happiness for its residents by year 2030.


Contribute to the growth of Emirate of Ajman economy through excellence in providing the best new and innovative services and smart solutions, providing advanced infrastructure and building strategic partnerships with public and private sectors and development of appropriate legislation that support investors in conducting their businesses with ease.

Key Benefits of the Ajman Free Zone

  • Allowed to do business in the UAE
  • Allowed to have an office in the UAE
  • Ajman Company can hold an account in a bank in the UAE
  • Possibility to get resident or employment visas for investor and employees
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No corporate tax
  • Total exemption from all import and export duties
  • No personal income tax
  • Exempted from financial reports submission and audit
  • Competitive pricing on premises
  • No hidden fees
  • No hidden charges
  • Cheap energy
  • The most economical wage structure and easy access to vast work force
  • Total exemption from all import and export duties
  • Total elimination of all service charges and hidden fees
  • Exceptionally low handling charges
  • 20 years land contract is renewable for another 20 years guaranteeing 40 years tax free operations
  • Lowest lease prices
  • Lowest lease prices
  • Lowest tariffs in the region
  • Single Window Clearances (Licensing, Immigration, etc
  • Low Labor Cost
  • No Red Tape

Other Advantages

  • Business Facilities (Conference Room and Business meeting rooms)
  • 24 hours Security Services
  • Bank Services
  • Postal Services

Business Types

The Ajman FZ Authority allows four types of business setups:

Free Zone Entity (FZE)

FZE is an entity formed and registered in Ajman FZ and regulated by the Authority in accordance to the Amiri Decree No.3 of 1988 as amended by the Amiri Decree No.3 of 1996. Corporate directors are not allowed under this category. The office under this category may also be virtual or real.

Free Zone Company (FZC)

The Ajman Free Zone authority issues these types of licenses to Free Zone to various partners regardless of whether they are individuals or companies of separate legal capacity. Therefore, every investor share is to be determined through partners when issuing the license.

Branch of a Local Company

Licenses issued under this category are usually issued to companies having a valid license from any UAE licensing authority except from other free zones.

Branch of a Foreign Company

Licenses under this category are usually issued to foreign companies that are established outside the UAE with the intention of establishing a branch or a subsidiary of the foreign registered company. The business company can be industrial commercial, or any other professional services.

Kinds of licenses issued in the Ajman FZ

The categories of license available within the Freezone are:

Trading licenses

This kind of license is issued to foreign UAE companies with the intention of carrying out trading activities in the Freezone

E-commerce license

Ajman FZ authority gives E-Commerce License to Ajman Free Zone company formation in Electronic trading business. It also goes ahead to help provide technical and marketing support to investors.

Service license

This license is issued to foreign UAE companies with the intention of carrying out the business of providing professional services in the Freezone such as It Consultancy, management consultancy and marketing among many other services.

Industrial license

This kind of license is issued to foreign United Arab Emirate companies who wish to carry out manufacturing activities in the Ajman Freezone as per environmental standards and manufacturing policies in Ajman. Ajman FZ authority provide smart stores and warehouses to facilitate this activity. This helps to ensure that all the investors requirement are obtained in one place.

National Industrial License

This license is usually issued to a registered company in Ajman operating in the Free Zone and meets the following eligibility criteria:

– The company should be registered with GCC with a GCC national or nationals owing majority shareholding of 51% and above.

– At least 40% of the manufacturing process by that company should be accomplished within the AFZ.

– Companies holding a national Industrial License are entitled for duty free exports to the member states of the Arab Gulf Cooperation council.

Offshore license

Ajman FZ authority issue offshore license to those people who wish to set up an entity for international business only with no physical local business.


Required Documents

Free Zone Entity (FZE)

  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Passport size photo (white background)
  • No objection certificate from current sponsor, if applicant is UAE resident as employee
  • Business plan is required in case of Industrial and Service License

Free Zone Company (FZC)

  • Passport valid for 6 months for each partner
  • Passport size photo (white background) for each partner
  • No objection certificate from current sponsor, if applicant is UAE resident as employee
  • Business plan is required in case of Industrial and Service License

Branch of a Local Company – same for corporate shareholder

  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Passport size photo (white background)
  • Original License
  • Original Chamber of Commerce Certificate
  • Original Commercial Registration
  • Business plan is required I case of Industrial and Service License
  • Capital: No capital required

Branch of a Foreign Company / Subsidiary Company – same for corporate shareholder (if the shareholder is a foreign company)

  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Board Resolution
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Power of Attorney
  • Passport copy that is valid for 6 months minimum, for the representative or manager of the company
  • Registration certificate from the competent authority in the country where the company is registered.
  • A feasibility study shall be submitted in the case of Industrial and Service Enterprises

The above (Memorandum & Articles of Association, Board Resolution, Certificate of Incorporation, Power of Attorney) to be attested at the UAE Embassy / Consulate I the company’s country of origin followed by attestation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in UAE).

* Ajman FZ reserves the right to obtain additional documents if required.



Smart Offices

Smart offices are suitable as a smart investment for startups and entrepreneurs. You can keep your costs lower, start your business immediately, get two employment visas and enjoy the numerous benefits provided by AFZ for an excellent return on investment.

Executive Offices

Get up to 5 employment visas and an executive office strategically located. You can administer your business using these offices, depending on the size you need. These executive offices have excellent facilities, easy parking and security.


Ajman FZ is keen on meeting the requirements of investors by designing and providing high-quality warehouses, with all service facilities and specifications, starting from 100 square metres; and prices starting from AED 250 per square metre.


These are areas for investment and trade zones suitable for industrial investment, prepared as per accurate research on investors’ needs.

Calculating Your New Company in the Ajman Free Zone

This is always crucial to understand the initial costs for a company start-up. Below is an overview of the basic expenses associated with a new business formation in the AFZ:

1.Type of License

Each activity of a company falls under a specific License Type. Below is an overview of the basic expenses associated with a new company registration in the AFZ:

Cost includes: Pre-approval, Registration, License, Smart Desk and Chamber of Commerce Certificate.

Note: Additional fee of AED 600 AED might apply if the selected license requires pre-approval.

2. Type of Office Facilities

Being an Ajman FZ licensed entity you are required to rent an office. Number of visas you are eligible for depend on the office’s size. Here are the options currently available:

Annual fee depends on the type of activity and payment terms.

3. Other Documents

Establishment Card is a mandatory document to enable the company register in the Residency Department. If an entity would like to appoint a PRO to be represented for visa purposes in the AFZ, a Power of Attorney signed either by Manager or Shareholder is required.

4. Visa Application

Cost of each visa may differ depending on the visa type and whether the person in currently in or out of the UAE. Visa validity for Investor’s visa is 3 years and 2-years validity for owner/partner/manager and employees visa.

5. WIS Service Packages

Three packages are available for clients’ choice depending on individual needs.

Ajman Free Zone Packages – Compare Package Features

 Need Help Choosing the Right Package?

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KGN provides the following services in the Ajman Freezone

  • FZE / FZC Formation, establishment of branches of local and foreign entities
  • Investor & Employment Visas
  • Full Administration & Secretarial Services
  • Opening of Bank Accounts
  • Offshore Company Formation

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