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Company Formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone – DAFZ

KGN Services specializes in Company Formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ), establishment of branches of local and foreign companies, opening bank accounts and visa processing services.

Dubai Airport Free Zone – General Information

Emirate: Ajman.

Country: UAE.

Location: Middle East, bordering the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, between Oman and Saudi Arabia

Time Zone: UTC+4.

Currency: Emirati dirham (AED).

DAFZ – Dubai Airport Freezone – Overview

Welcomed business activities

All business activities are welcomed by DAFZ – Dubai Airport Freezone.

Advantages of Company Formation in Dubai Airport Freezone

Properly structured DAFZ companies can enjoy a wide range of benefits. That is why this freezone has attracted a large number of Fortune 500 multinational companies. Dubai is currently the 3rd biggest re-export center in the world and it is a strategic location that is easy to access from Asia, Europe and Africa. Dubai attracts nothing less than 5 million visitors annually.

The economy of Dubai has continued to flourish despite the recession that has occurred in various parts of the world. Hence, incorporating a company in Dubai will offer a more reliable investment for entrepreneurs and investors. Here are some of the main benefits of company formation in the economically vibrant Dubai Airport Freezone.

100 Percent Foreign Ownership

International investors and multinational companies are empowered by law to own 100 percent shares in DAFZ companies as long as they are operating within the Dubai Airport Freezone or any other freezone in UAE.

Low Business Costs

Legitimately incorporated and licensed companies operating within Dubai Airport Freezone are not required to pay corporate or income tax. No foreign exchange controls or trade quotas are applied to DAFZ companies. As an investor, you will have access to subsidized energy which costs far less than what you will pay in many Western countries. This reduces the cost of production and trading. At the same time, it makes your business more profitable. The business environment here is very friendly for both small startups and large businesses. Startups can grow their business rapidly while larger businesses can offer their products and services at lower and more competitive prices.

Expatriate-Friendly Environment

Unlike many cities in the Middle-East, Dubai has remained a relatively safe city with a very low crime-rate. The judiciary is fair and stable. For this reason, Dubai now has a great cultural diversity with people from over 200 countries living and working in Dubai. Because of the efficient public systems, foreign investors conduct their business in a stable environment that boosts investors confidence. This freezone has sufficient buildings and support services that will meet the needs of your business. That is why Dubai is frequently called the gateway for new regional opportunities

Excellent Facilities

When you form a company and operate within Dubai Airport Freezone, you will have access to some of the most advanced business facilities you can find anywhere in the world. In order to attract a steady stream of foreign investors, the government has provided infrastructure including roads, telecommunications, sea ports and airports. From your low cost business facility in this freezone, you can ship out your products to any part of the world with considerable ease. This is one of the reasons why this location is one of the best places for you to do profitable international business. Here is a brief description of the type of facilities available for lease.

Lease Options Available in the Dubai Airport Freezone

Dubai Airport freezone offers you a variety of office spaces for you to carry out your business. The high quality office suites and industrial units are properly equipped to give you a seamless experience and reduce administrative bottle-necks. The offices also provide a scenic view of the airport that can help you relax during your break time. With a variety of floor plans and office suites, you can choose a layout that will satisfy all your requirements.

Service Office Solutions

The service offices are suitable for providing services like logistics and freight management. Each office has well decorated walls, carpeting and window blinds. An air-conditioning system as well as close circuit television (CCTV) surveillance are available 24 hours a day. Other safety systems such as emergency lighting, heat and smoke detectors, and fire alarms are also available. You can also use the pre-installed telecommunications gadgets and the information technology packages.

Business Desk Office Package

For a new business operating on a very low budget, the flexi-desk could be the best office solution. This package includes a furnished desk space with amenities such as fax services, wireless connectivity, photocopy machine, a cabinet, an executive chair and a visitors chair. All these facilities are available at a very low price.

Executive Suites Package

The executive suites are ideal for multinational companies that need state-of-the-art office facilities to create a branch office. They may also be used by businesses that need to expand their operations while the service offices are no longer suitable for them. They provide an office space of over 50 square meters with an open office plan that can accommodate up to 5 employees and a waiting area for visitors. All the units come with full air-conditioning, IT and telecommunications facilities. Executive suites are also serviced by house keepers who clean the office and handle garbage collection.

Light Industrial Units

Premium quality, purpose built insulated industrial units that can be used for manufacturing or assembly of consumer products such as electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and clothing are available for lease on a yearly basis. These light industrial units may also be used as warehouses to store and distribute products. Where the need arises, more than one industrial unit may be leased to cater for business expansion.

Company Types in DAFZ

The Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority allows two types of business setups:

Freezone Establishment (FZE)

Formed with a minimum of one shareholder and a maximum of 50, either individual (a person) or non-individual (a company). A minimum share capital of AED 1000 is required. Each share should be in the denomination of AED 1000.

Branch of an existing company

A foreign company can set up a branch of its existing company in Dubai Airport Freezone. No share capital is required.

DAFZ – Required Documents

  • Business Plan
  • Six months personal bank statement
  • Original Bank reference letter
  • CV and passport copy of shareholder(s)/manager(s)
  • No Objection Letter from sponsor (if applicable)

* DAFZ – Dubai Airport Freezone reserves the right to obtain additional documents if required.

Kinds of licenses issued in Dubai Airport Freezone

The categories of license available within the Dubai Airport Freezone are:

Trade License

For import, export, distribution, and storage of specific products.

Service License

Obtaining a service license requires consultation with a sales executive.

Industrial License

Allows your company to import raw materials, as well as to manufacture, process, package, and export finished products.

Dubai Airport Freezone – License Fees

  • DAFZ Trading License: AED 15,000 / year
  • DAFZ Service License: AED 15,000 / year
  • DAFZ Industrial License: AED 15,000 / year

Dubai Airport Freezone – Resident Visa

Employment Visa Entitlement

  • Office less than 40 sqm: one employee visa for 12.5 sqm of space
  • Office of 40 sqm and above: one employee for every 8.33 sqm of space
  • LIU: 20 visas

New Employee Outside the UAE

  • AED 2,900 (includes: residency stamp, medical fitness certificate, ID card).

New Employee Inside the UAE (on visit visa, private sector)

  • AED 4,400 (includes: entry permit, residency stamp, medical fitness certificate, ID card, issue visa without leaving UAE).

DAFZ – Facilities

Office Units

  • 3 Year Lease Agreement: AED 1,850 per sqm + 12.5 % of annual rent as Service charge
  • 1 Year Lease Agreement: AED 1,950 per sqm + 12.5 % of annual rent as Service charge

Warehouse (Light Industrial Units)

Area: 350 Sqm approx.

Rate: AED 1,000 per sqm + 10% service charge

5. WIS Service Packages

Three packages are available for clients’ choice depending on individual needs.

Need Help Choosing the Right Package?

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Services in Dubai Airport Freezone

KGN Services provides the following services in Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZ):

  • Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation
  • Investor & Employment Visas
  • Full Company Administration & Secretarial Services
  • Opening of Bank Accounts

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