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Vanuatu Tax Haven. Benefits of forming an Offshore Company in Vanuatu Tax Haven

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About the Vanuatu Tax Haven

Vanuatu is a group of eighty three islands strategically located between Hawaii and Australia. Vanuatu islands have a population of approximately twenty thousand people who speak English, French and Vanuatu. Vanuatu has been a popular tax haven since 1971 and has many United States and European countries registered within its jurisdictions. Statistics ascertain that the Vanuatu islands heavily depends on the taxation haven industry as approximately fifteen percent of Vanuatu’s GDP is contributed by activities related to offshore companies. This essentially implies that the Vanuatu government has a vested interest in ensuring that the legal and business environment is specifically tailored to satisfy the needs of off shore companies.

Advantages of the Vanuatu Tax Haven

Vanuatu International Business Companies (IBCs) are exempt from paying any tax for the first twenty years.

Offshore companies registered in Vanuatu tax haven pay no taxes completely for the initial twenty years. This establishes Vanuatu as a viable business solution especially for IBCs that are either startups or are aiming to reduce tax expenses. Most onshore jurisdictions such as the charge very high taxes and this significantly increase the tax expenses. Companies that choose to register as offshore companies in Vanuatu tax haven have the advantage of directing the finances they would have spent on taxes on other productive functions that can facilitate the growth and expansion of a business.

Light administrative regulations as compared to onshore jurisdictions

Vanuatu tax haven has minimal obligatory administration duties imposed on directors, managers and accountants of International Business Companies. Vanuatu tax haven does not require filing of annual accounting reports. Additionally, unlike the most other offshore destinations which charge a license fee to cover for the lack of administrative obligations, Vanuatu tax haven has no administrative expectations from offshore companies at all.

Offshore companies registered in Vanuatu tax haven are permitted to keep their accounts, minutes and records in any location in the world

Unlike most onshore jurisdictions with stifling regulations which require a company to preserve all the records within their jurisdiction and make it public such is not a requirement in Vanuatu tax haven. This give an offshore company the freedom to maintain its records at any location it deems suitable. Essentially, this gives a business control over its functions and helps it keep its business activities confidential.

The international companies registered in Vanuatu tax haven have the freedom to name either legal entities or actual people as directors regardless of nationality.

Although many offshore jurisdictions promise to have no control over shareholders or stakeholders of a company they impose some control. Vanuatu tax haven on the other does not impose any rules over who is qualified to be a director, manger, shareholder or stakeholder. Additionally Vanuatu also does not limit the number of directors or shareholders. It accepts registration of companies with even a single director and stakeholder. Essentially this means that whether your business is a small or medium enterprise or a large multinational company, Vanuatu tax haven does not discriminate.

Vanuatu tax haven permits a offshore company’s capital to be in any currency and any amount

Unlike many offshore jurisdictions that have some form of control over the currency and capital amount Vanuatu tax haven has an open door policy that does not mind the capital amount or the currency it is in. This gives a business to trade in the currency that it considers most appropriate.

Preserving Confidentiality

Vanuatu tax haven restricts the public access of an offshore companies’ financial information and the business and personal details of the owners and beneficiaries. Vanuatu tax haven keeps such information private under all circumstances except in peculiar cases where a company is involved in illegal activities such as money laundering, fraud and terrorism. This anonymity can come in handy when striking deals with competitors or operating in a market that does not favor a particular individual or group that is a shareholder. The more confidentiality a company has in the current business environment the more it is able to have control over its activities.

The average processing duration

The registration process in Vanuatu tax haven is swift, affordable and free from bureaucracy. Quick processing time speaks to the effectiveness of the Vanuatu tax haven business authority. Actually the registration of an offshore company in Vanuatu tax haven takes two to three business days and the corporate and legal documents are shipped within five days after registration. You can actually register your company easily without physically availing yourself in Vanuatu tax haven.

Protection of a company’s assets

This comes in handy especially if a company is global and has international interests. An international company uses an offshore company to preserve company assets such as real estate property and intellectual property. By preserving assets in offshore jurisdictions such assets are not liable to high tax obligations. If your business is onshore and undergoing a lawsuit. There is a high probability that a subsequent document will be filed to freeze up all your company’s assets such as company bank accounts and all property affiliated to your business. On the other hand when your business is registered in Vanuatu tax haven, it is impossible for legal litigation to freeze and seize company assets. Vanuatu tax haven is a good location to invest as it is an up and coming economy which is a tourist haven and has a good banking system.

Secretive and convenient banking system

Vanuatu tax haven is a great destination to register your business as the banks are not permitted by law to report a businesses’ income to the IRS like banks in the United States. Mot Vanuatu tax haven banks operate on an honor system. An honor system is essentially a system that leaves it up to the business to report its own income to relevant authorities. Vanuatu tax haven banks keep all your financial information privates ensuring that no other entity learns about your business and money affairs

Commitment of the Vanuatu government in making it a conducive business environment for International Business Companies

The government of Vanuatu is fully committed to making Vanuatu a feasible and viable jurisdiction for offshore companies. For this reason it has instituted many laws over the years that favor the set up of IBCs . Such laws include the Company Act which imposes less stringent laws on offshore companies. These facilitative rules are specifically tailored for an offshore company that aims at taking the advantages that tax havens provide. Keep in mind that it is always good for a business to have its operations or registration in countries with supportive governments as there are less interruptions and minimal interference.

Advantages of offshore companies in Vanuatu tax haven

– Vanuatu has tax haven facilities in place to assist International Business Companies in opening corporate bank accounts without being physically available. You can therefore open an account easily via the internet, through fax and make payments through your credit card. 

– Vanuatu tax haven is fully equipped with companies that are specifically specialized in giving your country a foreign feel such as a United States appeal or a European outlook. Based on your preference and convenience these facilities can provide a USA or European phone line to companies from unpopular business destinations.

– Additionally, Vanuatu tax haven also provides complete anonymity for companies with active internet users. You can enjoy anonymity in the when carrying out internet powered business functions such as email messages, browsing for research, maintenance of company records online in softwares such as drop box. 

Apart from the legal attributes that make Vanuatu a great tax haven for offshore companies, there are other non-legal attributes that make registration in Vanuatu an ideal business solution. A legislative framework is not enough to offer effective functioning of an ideal tax haven, a tax haven also requires a few non legal features.

Some of Vanuatu tax haven non-legal attributes that make it a great tax haven

Vanuatu tax haven is politically stable

Since gaining independence in 1980 from France, this group of islands has enjoyed political stability. Although there have been many regimes, there has not been any politically instigated violence or instability. The history of political stability is a good feature for a business to take into consideration. A good tax haven has to assure its offshore companies that there will be no interference or business interruption because of an unstable government.

Vanuatu tax haven has good communications system and convenient access by air

Vanuatu tax haven has modern infrastructures that support a reliable telecommunication system. All the islands that form Vanuatu are connected by a microwave telephone network. Additionally, the microwave telephone network also connects Vanuatu tax haven to the rest of the world. Furthermore Vanuatu tax haven has other adequate telecommunication facilities such as telephones, fax facilities, telex and a reliable internet connection. Vanuatu tax haven also has a reliable transportation network both internally and externally to other countries.

Vanuatu tax haven has great legal and accounting services

Vanuatu has established legal companies with experienced lawyers who can offer top notch legal services. Additionally other professional services such as accounting and banking are also readily available and easily accessible at an affordable price.

Efficient and reliable banking services

Banking services offer both normal banking facilities such as cheque accounts and savings and offshore banking facilities such as vatu and foreign current overdraft facilities, foreign currency loan facilities, insurance, letters of credit and insurance facilities for offshore companies

When a business should consider Vanuatu tax haven a feasible business solution

I. Vanuatu tax haven is a perfect location if you are starting up and running on a shoe string budget and you only have a small capital. By registering your businesses in Vanuatu you will be able to reduce expenses by cutting down on tax obligations and lower registration costs.

II. If you want to conceal the financial and ownership details of a business then Vanuatu will ensure that these details are kept private. By registering in Vanuatu tax haven , you will be able to operate anonymously therefore lessen bias based on financial and ownership information. Vanuatu tax haven even has laws that put in place that impose huge penalties on persons found guilty of disclosing an IBCs financial and ownership information.

III. If you run an online business then you can benefit from the advantages that Vanuatu tax haven has to offer. An online business is a virtual set up that is not subject to geographical location. Therefore the reduced tax obligations and unrestricted and uninterrupted operation environment makes it conducive for an online-based business.

IV. If your home country is politically unstable then you should consider registering your company in the tax haven of Vanuatu. This gives an entrepreneur an easy time running a business by reducing government interruption that might interfere with your business. If your parent country is politically unstable then it is only logical that your consider going offshore to protect your business interests. 

V. Registering your business in Vanuatu tax haven is advantageous if you have plans of venturing into the global market or want to strategically introduce your products into Vanuatu and surrounding countries. Vanuatu’s government is most likely to fully support your business endeavors if you are registered within its jurisdictions. You can therefore make a seamless transition from an offshore business to a global business that also markets and sells its products within the Vanuatu Islands.

Vanuatu islands is a tax haven that economically gains from the registration of offshore companies. As a result the Vanuatu government is fully committed to creating a conducive business environment that can encourage the registration of offshore companies. The laws and the professional facilities are streamlined to serve the interests of offshore companies making it one of the most reliable tax havens in the world.

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Vanuatu Company Formation Prices

Vanuatu Company Formation Package Includes:

  • Vanuatu Company Formation Package Includes:
  • Initial Business Approval
  • Preparation of Application Documents
  • Company Registration Fee
  • Registered Office Address for 1 year
  • Registered Agent Services for 1 year
  • Government filing fee
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Minutes of first meeting appointing the director(s)
  • Share Certificate(s)
  • Register of shareholders
  • Register of directors

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Vanuatu – General Information

Location: Oceania, group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, about three-quarters of the way from Hawaii to Australia.

Area:total: 12,189 sq km, land: 12,189 sq km, water: 0 sq km; note: includes more than 80 islands, about 65 of which are inhabited.

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Natural resources: Manganese, hardwood forests, fish.
Population: 282,814 (July 2017 est.).

Capital: Port-Vila (on Efate).

Time Zone: PUTC+11.

Languages: Local languages (more than 100) 63.2%, Bislama (official; creole) 33.7%, English (official) 2%, French (official) 0.6%, other 0.5% (2009 est.).

Government type: Parliamentary republic.

Legal system: Mixed legal system of English common law, French law, and customary law.
International organization participation: ACP, AfDB, AOSIS, AU, C, CD, COMESA, EITI (candidate country), FAO, G-77, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICC (NGOs), ICCt, ICRM, IDA, IFAD, IFC, IFRCS, ILO, IMF, IMO, InOC, Interpol, IOC, IOM, IPU, ISO (correspondent), ITU, MIGA, NAM, OIF, OPCW, SADC, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNWTO, UPU, WCO, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WTO (observer).
Economy: This South Pacific island economy is based primarily on small-scale agriculture, which provides a living for about two thirds of the population. Fishing, offshore financial services, and tourism, with more than 330,000 visitors in 2017, are other mainstays of the economy. Australia and New Zealand are the main source of tourists and foreign aid. A small light industry sector caters to the local market. Tax revenues come mainly from import duties. Economic development is hindered by dependence on relatively few commodity exports, vulnerability to natural disasters, and long distances from main markets and between constituent islands. In response to foreign concerns, the government has promised to tighten regulation of its offshore financial center.

Currency: Vatu (VUV).

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