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Offshore Trust – General Information

An offshore trust is an entity created when the settler transfers specified assets to a trustee (the person who is handling the assets) and the beneficiary (the person who receives benefits from the trust)

As a result of the legal transfer of the assets, the trustee becomes the legal owner and is responsible for managing the assets and distributing them to the beneficiaries, as well as, using the trust as a multi-use vehicle for asset safety and estate development. For the above mentioned, an agreement is needed usually called Trust Deed and also known as Deed of Trust or Declaration of Trust.

Assets that can be held in an offshore trust may include:

Almost all kind of assets


Bank deposits

Shares and stocks in both quoted and unquoted companies

Investment portfolios

Real Estate and intellectual property

Life assurance policies issued on the life of the Settlor

International Trust Advantages

Privacy (no publicly accessible)


Financial Security

Wealth protection

Asset Protection

Safety (safe against economic and political unsteadiness)

Tax Savings (in in a tax-free jurisdiction)

Recognized in all common law jurisdictions

An important tool in international income, capital gains and estate tax planning

Offshore Trust Key Persons

A trust is the key for individuals who:

Want to plan their assets to take full advantage of the benefits of their wealth

Wish to transfer wealth to their heirs in a tax-free method

Want financial and personal asset privacy

Want to create a simple trust rather than a complicated will

Want to feel confident that they have achieved to minimize or eliminate estate taxes arising on the death of the Settlor

Why Offshore Trust?

Offshore trusts are almost always found in tax free and/ or low-regulation jurisdictions, with a standing for the preservation of assets and confidentiality. They can be the strongest asset protection vehicle worldwide and it is one of the greatest methods of asset protection.

Establishing an Offshore Trust ensures extensive financial protection for assets and property from scrutiny and taxation.

Where can an Offshore Trust be created?

We recommend to create an offshore trust in Belize or Seychelles.

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